Top HCG Diet Drops Merchants

Today HCG diet drops are sold by so many merchants on the internet. Its therefore important to choose a genuine who offers genuine diet drops. Before you buy from any merchants whether it is online or offline you have to ensure you get the best service from them.

HCG Diet Drops Merchants. 

Top diet drops merchant must meet the following criteria

1.The vendor ought to have an endorsement from the FDA.

  1. Most merchants today are importing hcg hormone from different areas, particularly from China and India. These foreign made hormones of hcg drops are considered as unlawful as indicated by the FDA. Henceforth, the hormone ought not be transported in but rather made inside of the nation (US).
  1. The above two conditions are vital however a few merchants do escape with the third condition. It is that they lab in which the hcg hormone is made does not has FDA endorsement. The need for a lab to get endorsement is to guarantee the hormone is made by regulations of restorative board.
  1. At long last the evaluation of hcg hormone ought to be unadulterated or otherwise called pharmaceutical HCG. There are a few dealers who to keep away from the FDA tenets and regulations have accompany the thought to make homeopathic hcg drops. In short the homeopathic hcg drops are fundamentally unlawful. Consequently, dependably pick the pharmaceutical evaluation hcg drops.

Here is a list of hcg drops merchants

Here is a run down of Top HCG Diet Drops Merchants as explored on premise of value rules. You are allowed to look over any shipper as it’s totally protected.

HCG Complex 

They have best cost and quality in the business sector. In addition, they run offers regularly on their official site. As of now they are running Buy One Get One Offer. So You might need to look at it.

HCG Triumph 

They are Pioneers of HCG Diet Drops. Quality is like HCG Complex. They have exceptionally focused costs giving them an edge over the others. A solitary jug of HCG Triumph is $10 costly than HCG Complex.

NuImage Medical 

They are the main retailer who give therapeutic bolster while on HCG diet. Clearly consequently a 26 day HCG Diet system costs $300. In the event that you are the sort of individual who is searching for medicinal backing from enrolled doctor while on HCG Diet then NuImage Medical is for you.

for more merchants and hcg reviews of drops please visit this site.

Does HCG Drops truly Help in weight reduction? 

The least complex answer is yes. When you begin expending the HCG hormone digestion system of your body increments. At the point when digestion system builds the body’s capacity to smolder fat increments. In the long run, you begin to shed pounds as the body devours fat which is put away in the body. Besides, it permits your body not to store sustenance later on as all the devoured nourishments are consumed and utilized by the framework.

The amount Weight that one loses when he or she uses HCG hormone? 

There are different components that choose the measure of weight lost by a man. For instance if a man is fat from adolescence and still has some child fat inside of their framework then they will lose some fat. On the other hand, if an incline individual has put on weight as of late and needs to lose those put on weight then such persons will lose more weight. By and large it has been noticed that a man can lose anyplace between one pound to three pounds for each day utilizing the HCG diet. Be that as it may, that is not a certainty and it shifts extraordinarily with individuals’ way of life. In short weight reduction with HCG diet is an individual objective and not a typical objective which can be analyzed by others.

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The HCG Diet Plan and What You Ought to Know

Since 1927 when scientist discovered that during pregnancy women have a hormone that is not present at any other time in their body, there was a craze that revolved around it but no one thought that this would spill over into the great dietary success that it is today. However, in recent times, the HCG has become a craze owing to its ability to help people lose weight and this has been achieved courtesy of the HCG diet plan. In order for one to appreciate what the HCG diet plan has to offer it is ideal for one to make sure that they understand the plan itself and what it entails.

The loading phase.

This is the first stage that you will have to get over though it is worth noting that for a lot of people it is usually the easiest and perhaps the one with the most fun when it comes to the HCG diet. In this stage, the individual is allowed to eat anything in as much quantity as they can. This is also known as the gorging phase. The participant in this case is expected to stock up on fats that the body will use in the other phases and it is encouraged for one to eat to the point of nausea. However, this phase only lasts for two days and therefore it does not last.

The maintenance phase.

This is where the journey begins to tighten but the problem is that you will only be able to enjoy this if you follow the rules. In the maintenance phase, you are expected to go for the next three weeks on a 500 calorie diet per day. While this is a very low calorie diet and most people will crinch at the thought of having to go long hours without food and the pangs of hunger, there is actually no starvation involved because the HCG does wonders with this. It helps cancel out the cravings and the hunger hence one is able to go through this phase with ease as opposed to what most people would think of it. This is the stage where the fat starts shedding and there is a lot of changes in the body. However with the ease that is afforded by the HCG you do not feel like you are sacrificing much to get into a healthier weight.

Stabilization phase.

This is the last and equally important phase and there is a lot that one needs in order to make sure that they are able to keep the benefits that they get from the HCG diet plan. The essence of this phase is to help the individual transition from a very low calorie diet into a higher one that they are able to sustain without the use of HCG. It helps the individual come back into the regular calorie diet without the possibility of adding weight.

While on this plan, it is highly advised that one does not take any over the counter medicine or food supplements or skip meals for whatever reasons. It is also advised that you are under close medical observation at all times to ensure your health is not put at risk.

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HCG Diet Pills Review

For a lot of people that are on the HCG diet plan or have been in the past, the injections and the drops are the most heard of products that people use to help them along the way. However, in recent years, the companies that sell the products came up with an ingenious plan to develop pills inform of pellets which are usually placed under the tongue to help with the phase two of the weight loss plan as well as the long term goal of better weight loss. However, since not a lot of people know about them, it would be ideal to shed some light on the same.

hcg pills


The HCG diet pills have a long range of ingredients which are quite impressive to say the least which include diuretics and a variety of herbs that are used to curb indigestion as well as others that are used to curb anxiety and also suppress appetite. It is also worth mentioning that a good number of these have not yet been clinically proven to work but from a theoretical stand point, they can work pretty well. Some of the ingredients that come as part and parcel of the HCG diet pills include homeopathic HCG, carnitine, focus vesuculosus, anacardium orientale, L-arginine, Ornithine, thyroidimum and baryta lodata just to name a few of the once that are more noticeable.


There are a variety of advantages that are associated with the HCG diet pills and one of them is the fact that you do not have to contend with the pain and phobia that comes with an injection and especially for those that have been using the injectable variant of homeopathic HCG. This means that one is much more receptable to the plan and they feel more comfortable using pills than painful injections or the drops that not many people know of.

The pills are also easier to use since they do not require a lot of skill like the injection. All that is required with the pill is for one to place it under the tongue and let it dissolve some time before they have their meals. That is as simple as it is. For those that love information and critical about the contents of what they take, they should be pleased to know that the ingredients of the HCG diet pills have been listed online for their scrutiny. This not only evokes trust but for those that are highly allergic it can also be a valuable resource since they can be able to counter check for any product that they might not respond to well.

The pills or pellets also cost less compared to the drops of injections and the best part is that you are able to make better calculations of how many you will need hence you can make a one of purchase especially because they are easy to administer.

While a lot of people might be psyched about the advantages that the HCG diet pills provide, there are a variety of downsides that might raise some concerns. The first is that most of the pills do not have a single mention of the HCG diet anywhere. This makes it hard for one to associate them with the plan. Also none of the ingredients that have been listed on the pills have been proven to help in weight management. Therefore if you decide to take the pills you may want to have this in consideration.

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HCG Diet Grocery List

So you would like to start a HCG diet and you are wondering on what has to be on the shopping list? What foods you need to purchase so as to have a complete HCG diet is part of the struggle in losing weight through HCG regime. With a HCG diet grocery list you can be assured of being in the right track when it comes to losing weight through HCG regime. Below is a list of the items you would require in your HCG diet.

Type of meats you need to include in your shopping list.

  • Lean beef of 100gm
  • Lean veal of 100gm
  • Lean buffalo- 100gm
  • Lean venison- 100gm
  • Chicken tenders or breasts- 100gm.

Get rid of all the fat before weighing the meat as you purchase it. The 100gm of meat should not contain fat.

Sea foods appropriate for a HCG diet.

  • Lobster- 100gm
  • Crabmeat- 100gm
  • Shrimp- 100gm
  • White fish, 100gm. Examples here include; tilapia, pike, perch, monkfish, Pollock, sole and snapper.

Drinks and beverages permissible for HCG dieters.

  • Apple cider vinegar (unfiltered).
  • Organic coffee.
  • Flavored water.
  • Plain or mineral Water
  • Lemon juice.
  • Green tea.
  • Stevia drops.
  • Yerba Mate Royale.

Note that your list should not contain artificial sweeteners or diet sodas

Fruits suitable for a HCG diet.

  • Fresh blueberries.
  • Fresh oranges.
  • Fresh strawberries.
  • A medium sized apple.
  • Red grapefruits
  • Lemons.

Vegetables required in the HCG diet.

  • Spinach
  • Romaine and iceberg lettuce
  • Swiss chard.
  • Red radishes.
  • Green onions and sweet onions.
  • Raw Napa
  • Green mustards
  • Raw kales
  • Fresh red potatoes
  • Fresh fennel
  • Fresh raw cucumbers.
  • Green chicory
  • Green collard
  • Raw celery
  • Broccoli
  • Fresh red cabbages
  • Fresh green cabbages
  • Raw Bok Choy
  • Raw asparagus.
  • Fresh garlic.
  • Beet greens.

Note that you are needed to exclude grains, peas, pumpkins, potatoes, corn, carrots and beans in the vegetables list.

Breads and snacks right for HCG dieters.

  • Grissini breadsticks.
  • Melba toast which consists of wheat and garlic.
  • Salsa which is sugar-free.

Seasoning and spices.

You can go for any spices as long as they do not contain sugar and starch fillers.

Include the following spices and seasoning for flavor enhancement in your grocery list.

Black pepper

  • Minced garlic or in powder form
  • Onion powder
  • Paprika
  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Chili powder
  • Rosemary
  • Cayenne
  • Tony Chachere’s seasoning
  • Orgegano
  • Sea salt
  • Cumin
  • Vinegar
  • Cilantro
  • Mustard powder
  • Stevia
  • Marjoram
  • Parsley

Right condiments for HCG diet.

There are only a few allowable condiments as most of the available ones contain fat and sugar which can cause you to crave for sugary foods.

You can include these condiments in your shopping list.

  • Tabasco sauce
  • Apple cider vinegar (organic) which is suitable for making salads.
  • Dijon mustard (organic).

The kind of oils to include in the HCG diet grocery shopping list.

  • Extra virgin coconut and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Chicken broth can be used in cooking as an alternative for oils.
  • Beef broth can also be an alternative of oils when cooking.

With the above complied list of items and products included in your HCG diet grocery list, be assured that you got all the necessary items. Be keen on the specific items listed and avoid the ones that are not allowed in the HCG diet.

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HCG Diet Plan – Know Your Facts

Out of the entire earth’s population, only a handful of them are aware of the fact that it actually took decades of back to back and intense research for humans to be able to understand how the human body carries out different functions such as digestion, metabolic activities, the role of fatty cells and many other processes in weight loss. Over 50 years ago, and to some great extent by accident, a doctor by the name ATW Simeons stumbled upon the diet whilst he was working with malnutrition adults and children in rural areas that were yet to undergo significant development. It was during his time here when he noticed that pregnant women remained healthy for the whole time they were pregnant but began to deteriorate in health after giving birth. Striving to satisfy his curiosity, he delved deeper and discovered a hormone by the name human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) that was responsible for the good health of pregnant women during a time when food was scarce. The discovery of the hormone and its role in protecting the unborn child and nourishing the mother led to further research and medical experts today can indeed confirm this fact.
diet plan

Pushing his discovery even further, DR Simeons found out that the hormone can be used by overweight and obese individuals to get rid of the unwanted and excess fat. It is a fact that has been proven that the HCG diet has helped many achieve their desired weight and lead healthy lives.

Over the years however, lots of diets have emerged but the HCG diet has been the only one that has remained and had lasting effects. Several doctors and medical experts today, preying on the ignorance of many about the HCG diet facts, claim that it is a dangerous diet and that it puts one’s life in danger. This is however false as there has not been cases where lives have been put on the line by the constant use of this diet plan. One dangerous diet con however involves ingesting some form of worm into the body which feeds on food that has been partially digested in the digestive system. This form of diet is clearly dangerous as it involves ingesting a foreign body that is known to be harmful and can be fatal.

The HCG diet however takes an individual back to the basics, reintroducing him to natural healthy foods as opposed to the fast drinks and foods that that are taking over the society. It is important to note that the HCG hormone is naturally occurring in the body and is not in any way a dangerous substance if taken according to the dosage and at the right times. The hormone targets the metabolic processes in the body that are directly related to weight. Introducing the HCG pills or drops marks the start of fat metabolism to provide energy and in a few days a person experiences a reduction in weight.

Despite the bad press that the HCG diet has been getting over the years, it has stood its ground and has even grown in popularity. It is however of great importance that you note that the HCG diet should be done according to the guidelines that have been laid and under the supervision of a doctor.

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HCG Grocery Shopping List and Cook book

One of the most tasking things that you can come across with the HCG diet plan is having to do the grocery shopping keep in mind that there are various phases of the plan and hence it can be quite tricky to be able to shop since you don’t want to exceed the requirements. Regardless, there is a way that you can ensure that you give the best possible shot at this and stay on track with your goals. Here are some tips and perhaps a simple grocery list that you can use for direction and even for your shopping if you find it enough.

hcg cookbook

For phase one, you can buy anything. It is advised that you stock up on the fats. Therefore there are no boundaries here. There are no calories to count or anything to look out for. However, you have to keep in mind that this phase lasts for only two days hence you don’t want to buy too much and some ends up getting rotten or being a distraction because of their presence. So as you do your shopping for phase one, you might want to make sure that you limit yourself to the two days and also do some grocery shopping for the transitional period.

In the maintenance phase, this is where you now have to be at the top of your game. There is a lot that you have to pay attention to and among these are the low calories. On top of that, you also have to make sure that you are having a balanced diet within that very constricted calorie roof. This is why having a good HCG grocery shopping list is very vital. Here are some of the thing that you can include in your list.


One of the most important things that you will need over this period are your proteins. Your body will still need to produce new cells and grow and that is why you will need the proteins. Some of the items that you can have here can include Veal, Beef and chicken breast. You can also have some sea food in there like Lobsters, shrimp and even some white fish of your choice. These are not only nutritious but they are also low in calories and hence fit well considering your limits.


You will also need the vitamins and fiber that most fruits have to offer. Just because you have a very low calorie limit to work with does not mean that you should end up depriving yourself of nutrients. Fruits are ideal even when you don’t feel like eating. Some of the best fruits for you to add into your diets include oranges, grapefruit, apples and strawberries.


Lastly you will need to also include some vegetables they are a great source of iron among other macro and micro nutrients and hence an important part of your diet even when under restraints. Some of the vegetables that you can include here include the chard, spinach, chicory, tomatoes, lettuce, asparagus, cucumbers, onions, cabbage and celery just to name a few.

While buying this remember to have in mind the recipes that you intend to cook over the next couple of days. This way you don’t buy things that you won’t be needing for some time and watch them go stale.

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HCG Diet Weight Loss Clinics

When it comes to losing weight, the most important thing remember is staying healthy during the process. On this account it is vital that when on the HCG diet, you go and visit a HCG diet clinic to help you monitor yourself while in the journey.

What to expect in a HCG clinic

The first thing that you expect when going to a HCG clinic is to fill in a questionnaire. The questions are generally about your health and allergies as far as you can remember them. A thorough exam will then be done onto you to help determine if the program is safe for you. Vitals are then taken and the usual monitoring of heart beat and blood pressure and checking if you are suffering from any other ailments. A certified medical practitioner will then help you to decide what to chose and the period you can try it depending on your weight and the number of days you have set aside for the weight loss program .

hcg clinics
What they will help you do

When it comes to actually being on the diet the HCG clinic specialists will give you a one on one breakdown of the calorie diet intake so that you can understand it better, how you are to take it and which times will be best. A food chart containing all the foods you will be allowed to eat will also be at your disposal, and you will be free to ask as many questions as you like thus be able to make a more informed decision. You will also be helped on how to wipe and inject yourself if you are on the HCG injection diet, ensuring that you do not harm yourself in the process. On the other hand you will also be helped to know how to store the HCG drops and how to take them every day without being repulsed by its taste.

In the event that you finish the HCG diet successfully, you will be required to visit the HCG clinic where they will draw a new diet chart that will help you ease in back to a normal routine. This is done by them showing you when to introduce a new food into your system until your weight stabilizes itself. You will also be helped in determining the right kind of foods to take, so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the diet.

How many times you are to visit

The number of times you are to visit the HCG clinic usually depends on your needs. If you find out that you are suffering from severe side effects, then the first place to go is the HCG clinic you first got in touch with before starting the diet. This is because you will get the person who and knows about your case and medical history and will be in a better position to know what to do for you. However when it comes to visiting the HCG clinics, you will need to go there on a weekly basis this is to check on your vitals and see if everything is going on as planned. On the other hand your diet will be closely monitored and changes made to it if is required.

However if you are found to be reacting well to the diet you will then be equired to visit the HCG clinic for a refill and weight weighing.

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Uses of HCG 5000iu Injection

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in full. It is a hormone that is secreted by women when they are pregnant. This hormone is meant to maintain the pregnancy throughout the cycle. This hormone is however also used for other functions such as weight loss and infertility treatment. For these treatments, the patient is injected with the HCG hormone.

hcg-5000HCG is commonly used for weight loss. This is because the HCG has fat burning properties. Many people who have used HCG for weight loss have shown to lose more weight compared to those who have only made adjustments to their diet and started a workout routine. HCG 5000 IU safety has not yet been determined by the research methods that have been conducted so far. Research studies for this hormone have however shown that getting the HCG 5000 IU shots is highly effective for weight loss if the individual also works out and maintains a healthy diet. The results are said to be faster this way. However, it is advisable for every individual who intends to use the HCG injections to consult with their physician before they get the injections. This is to ensure that their health status allows them to use the injection without any serious health effects.

The HCG 5000 IU injections are also commonly used to treat infertility in women. The hormone is believed to enhance ovulation in women who are infertile. The dosage of this hormone is supposed to be directed by a licensed physician only when it comes to the treatment of infertility. It is therefore very important for every woman who has infertility issues to consult their doctor if they intend to try the HCG injections to overcome infertility. There are a lot of women who have managed to treat infertility with this hormone all over the world.

HCG injections have several benefits. First and foremost, the HCG injections help women with irregular menstrual cycles get their cycles on the right track. They are also used in treatment of male children who suffer from cryptorchidism at birth. This is a case where the child is born with abnormalities in their testes. The HCG hormone is also very important for women who suffer from infertility as mentioned earlier. This hormone gives the women a higher chance of getting pregnant. Most women who use this hormone get pregnant eventually. HCG injections are therefore very beneficial.

HCG injections have several side effects. Men tend to experience breast enlargement when injected with this hormone. It is also possible for men to experience an increase in height when they start HCG injection treatments. When it comes to adolescents, the side effects are slightly different. Adolescents tend to have hair growth in the pubic areas and armpit region when they are having HCG injections. Women who use HCG injections for infertility also suffer different side effects. These include; nausea, vomiting, bloating, weight gain and passing out less urine than normal. Weigh loss patients on the other hand experience nausea and vomiting due to HCG 5000 IU.

HCG Diet Plan- What the FDA Thinks

A lot of people would give anything just to be able to get rid of their extra pounds. Such desire is what companies have feasted on to ensure that they are able to offer such people an avenue of hope regardless of the consequences that these avenues can have on a person’s health. One such program is the HCG diet plan that has quickly evolved into a mass following with people doing anything within their power to get the HCG diet plan and the HCG itself in any form whatsoever. However, while the makers of such plans are touting their products as the best ever in weight loss and some of the people who have used them saying they actually work, what does the FDA which the largest government body tasked with ensuring the health of the citizens have to say?

FDA logo

To begin with, the HCG diet is classified among the FAD diets and these have been found to pose great risks to the well-being of those that are using them. However, the HCG diet plan has one more problem within itself and this is the origin of the HCG itself since it is evident that this is not harvested from expectant mothers through legal channels.

On December 6, 2011, the FDA in conjunction with the FTA issued letters condemning the plan and essentially calling it another health scam. According to the FDA and other relevant bodies, the HCG is only approved for treatment of infertility and nothing else. However, a great deal of companies have been selling the product over the counter and labeling it as homeopathic with very impressive results. The FDA has stated that while the plan might work, the results portrayed would be from the insanely low calorie intake and not the HCG since the studies that they have conducted show otherwise.

Aside from the ban that was placed by the FDA on all HCG products be it the pellets, oral sprays or injections they wanted there to be a label stating that HCG is not effective in the treatment of obesity based on the studies that they have done and that the evidence is not substantial with regards to its ability increase weight loss further than what is caused by the calorie restriction,or helps in better redistribution of the fats in the body or the fact that it helps to calm the severity of hunger that arises from the deprivation of calories. This is in an attempt to discourage people from making any purchases of the product for the purpose of weight loss and also to protect them from being potentially misled by the hype that is going around.

According to the FDA official website, there are a variety of other reasons as to why they find the HCG diet not legal. The first is because they market the drug as homeopathic meaning that it should be taken along with a VLCD diet. This means that the individual is at a higher risk of the side effects which can include formation of gallstones, heart arrhythmias as well as electrolyte imbalance. This is on top of the fact that there is not sufficient evidence that shows that HCG helps to boost with weight loss. To sum up the FDA’s take on HCG, there is simply no HCG drug products that have been given a go ahead by the FDA for the purposes of weight loss.

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The truth about HCG Triumph Weight loss products

HCG Triumph is a common hormone based natural weight loss products. It is manufactured by Triu Naturals, a company that makes HCG products with HCG Triumph diet drop as its primary brand. The company has a tradition of offering group products as weight loss bundle. This is very effective in helping with faster weight loss. One major advantage of HCG Triumph product is its huge online community. This creates a plat form through which one can interact with other fellow dieters. Many queries and concerns can be answered in this way from the company’s customers who have experienced with the products. It is also worthy to note that each HCG Triumph weight loss bundle has usable tool that can help one achieve weight loss objectives. Below is a brief discussion of various types of HCG Triumph kits.

hcg triumph reviews
HCG Triumph 7-Day trial
This consists of the following products.
· A 7-Day trial of HCG Diet drops
· Liquid Vitamin B 12 Complex
· Oral syringe
· Measuring tape
· Official HCG Triumph guide book
With limited time and minimum investment, this kit can give initial experience of using HCG Triumph products. Most if not all of HCG Triumph loyal customers started with this kit. It gives opportunity to have a taste of good things to come.
HCG Triumph 26
This is designed for long term weight loss programme and is the most popular of the three HCG Triumph bundles. It consists of the following HCG Triumph products.
· 1 Ounce HCG Diet Drops for twenty six days
· Liquid Vitamin B 12 Complex
· Measuring Tape
· Official HCG Triumph Guide Book
· Oral syringe
· Approved Food List
· Recipes Diet Tracker
Many customers have reported remarkable improvement within the stipulated days.
HCG Triumph 40
This is designed for long term weight loss programme and its kit includes the following.
· 2 Ounce HCG Diet Drop for fifty two days
· Liquid Vitamin B 12 Complex
· Oral Syringe
· Measuring Tape
· Official HCG Triumph Guide Book
It is suitable for people who are over weight and want to shed off twenty to twenty five pounds.
HCG Triumph Diet Drops
There are quite a number of Diet drops in the market. Many of which are ineffective and harmful to use. Triu Naturals has manufactured HCG Diet drops which are safe and very effective. This weight loss product has no side effects and has received numerous positive reviews online.
Salient Benefits of HCG Triumph Diet Drops
· It reduces appetite and this help control the quantity of food that one eats. Unlike other HCG products which completely eliminate appetite, HCG Triumph Drops has been designed not to do the same.
· Boost energy and metabolic rate
· Burns fat and calories
· It’s a caffeine-free product
· Made of natural products and thus safe for use
· Gives long lasting solution to weight loss
Liquid Vitamin B 12 Complex
This is just a supporting product for HCG triumph weight loss bundles. It’s designed to help boost energy on HCG Diet. It’s enriched with essential Vitamins. The other advantage is that it helps to improve ones focus and mental alertness thus boosts concentration.
HCG Triumph product safety
These products are safe as there are no known side effects.

Tip: We strongly recommend HCG 1234 drops for better weight loss. Here you can read a detailed analysis on HCG 1234 and decide on your purchase accordingly. Moreover, HCG1234 is running a discount campaign so don’t waste time.
HCG Triumph review online bears testimony to this. However the product doesn’t give permanent solution as weight lost can be gained when one stops using the product. It’s also advisable to follow strict guidelines for use to fully benefit

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