Are There Any HCG Drops Side Effects?


hcg diet side effects

The world of weight loss supplements is a tricky one. There are so many products, made of so many chemicals that people are often highly wary of using them. And it is understandable as the body can have varied reactions to varied chemicals. If one does not suit you, then you will incur bad side effects.

One extremely popular and successful diet of the present times is the HCG diet. This diet is done by taking either HCG drops or HCG injections, along with a low calorie diet. If you are a first timer in this diet, then it is natural for you to wonder if there are any HCG drops side effects. People who are not at all aware with the mechanism of the diet or the hcg itself tend to make such assumptions.

The HCG diet can indeed be a highly successful dieting alternative. You only have to follow it for a particular stretch of time and you would be losing a good amount of weight.

But, if not taken in the proper way, it can indeed have side effects. In this article we have enumerated that.

How Can Side Effects of HCG Drops Occur?

The HCG diet has a proper structure and it has to be followed in that way. As many of the consumers will vouch, if the diet is followed as per the structure, there could hardly be any side effect.

The HCG drops side effects usually occur if the structure is not followed.

One of the biggest side effects occur if the diet has been followed beyond the prescribed limit.

It is important for you to understand the hcg diet first. The main focus behind following the hcg diet is to cut down the calories in one’s body as quickly as possible.

Hence, the HCG drops or injections must be accompanied by a low calorie diet.

The range of calorie intake usually is below 500 to a maximum of 800 calories.

Now, an average person should take 2000 calories per day. In place of that if the person is opting for a 500 calorie diet, then it is clearly a little extreme. This extreme diet becomes necessary for quick weight loss.

But, the HCG diet has a prescribed time limit too. It must be followed for a minimum of 21 days and maximum of 40 days. This time span is safe.

But many may get enthusiastic and want to extend the diet period further.

That is when HCG drops side effects occur.

When stretched beyond the time limit, the body starts losing out on vital nutrients. The more nutritional deficiency the body faces, the more will be the harmful effect on the body.

The HCG Drops Side Effects Are Avoidable

From the above, it is pretty clear that if the diet is followed within the time limit, you will not experience any hcg drops side effects. The HCG diet is overall a safe one and thousands of people worldwide have tried it with good results. After all, HCG is a hormone that is naturally found in the human body.

The HCG drops that are used for the weight loss purpose are synthesized from these very hormones and made into a powdered form. Once this powder is mixed with sterile water, it forms the HCG liquid.

The origin of HCG itself is natural and hence it cannot possibly have harmful side effects.

So, make it a point to choose only the most genuine hCG drops and follow the structured pattern of the diet.

Authentic HCG does not contain any harmful chemical and will not react in the body in a harmful manner.

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